We ask you to provide us the following CT/MRI data to ensure the manufacturing of your optimal KEZLEX case model.

Necessary Data for a Case Model

Medical modeling of KEZLEX® is manufactured based on your DICOM data. (DICOM 3 format)

The model's accuracy, reproducibility and precision depend on the resolution, slice increment, pixel size, FOV, gantry tilt and algorithm of CT/MRI scanner.

We recommend the following conditions for your DICOM data:

Conditions for Scanning

  1. Slice increment : minimum selection (less than 1mm)
  2. Gantry tilt : 0 degree
  3. Center position : fixed

Conditions for Reconfiguration

  1. Slice thickness for reconfiguration : minimum selection
  2. Slice increment for reconfiguration : minimum selection
  3. Please "zoom in" into the image according to the amolitude of your field of interest. You will be able to get a more elaborate model.
  4. Functions for reconfiguration : Please choose the correct algorithm for scanning according to the tissue of your interest.

* When forwarding us your data, please send the patient’s personal information anonymously for privacy protection.

* Allow us about two weeks after receiving your data to deliver the model.


Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry you may have.
We will manufacture new models upon your request with optimal material,and we will make price reduction for a quantity order.



Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.
We will offer price reductions for orders of large quantities.